Mary Mattern always says she became vegan through cooking: while living near a farmers' market, she fell in love with the fruits and vegetables she discovered there, and began making inventive plant-based meals every day. Soon she realized that she didn't miss the meat and dairy she was used to eating, and what's more, she was astonished by how great she felt – and how rewarding she found her new vegan lifestyle to be. Now a sought-after vegan chef to celebrities, and a blogger with a huge devoted online audience, Mary is passionate about making vegan cooking accessible and fun for a whole new generation.


Mary cooks decadent comfort food that meat eaters and vegans alike devour – dishes that are loaded with flavour and inspired by classics we all love. Now, in her debut cookbook, she offers more than one hundred of her signature hearty, American-with-a-vegan-twist dishes like American Apple Pie, Shiitake Mushroom Po'Boy with Remoulade, Half-Baked Macaroni and Cheese, along with essential tips on how to stock your kitchen, what equipment you do (and don't) need, and much more.


The perfect book for longtime vegans looking for fresh ideas, or for anyone wanting to add more vegan meals into their day, Nom Yourself proves that eating vegan is both wildly delicious and easy.

Nom Yourself: Simple Vegan Cooking - Mary Mattern

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